Mobile UX/UI Design


About a year ago, I was tasked to improve the existing app called 'Jumprope' which then was in the beta phase. A head of design briefed me with the purpose of the app and I was given one day to come up with a prototype. It's the social platform where users can post bite-sized tips or teaching content and engaged with the audience.


As for user generated video content, there's a big elephant in the room: How can it stay relevant when there's a dominant player called 'Youtube'? This question led me to focus more on the relationship between the creators and the audiences. I started by laying out clear goal for the app.


There is a value proposition for each user sectors: a content consumer and a content creator.

  • Content Consumer - Finding guides in times of needs should be quick and easy because users might be in an urgent condition or feeling frustrated. Currently users have to hunt down for the correct website or the app to find the help that they need but often times there are just too many content scattered throughout the internet or the app and feel even more stuck when the solution they found didn't solve their problems. Jumprope can be a default quick destination for them and they can get the extended help directly from the content creator. (Useful feature: Chat with the content creator, Discussion Board).
  • Content Creator - Jumprope can be the distribution channel for their content, service or profession (or just knowledge) in a way that no other social apps can provide because it is focused, efficiently curated and beautiful. They can also build their audience and potentially promote their service. By connecting with users and engaging with them more personally and deeply, they can gain trust.

A value proposition for the company

The app can be the platform for the numerous fields of expertise, from home maintenance to IT to cookery to teachers, which would mean the huge exposure and potentially the revenue opportunity by offering targeted advertisements. By offering the ability to share to many other platforms like Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest, they can also be a driving force of huge traffic to the app.


Since everyone encounters a moment where they need some professional's help or guides, everyone can be the audience but I believe the app could more appeal to these specific audiences:

  • Parents of kids - It is important for parents to help their kids to develop creativity, awareness and thinking, so they can regularly visit the app for new craft courses or activities that they can do with their kids.
  • Home owners - Especially the first time owners, home maintenance is a totally new world to them and they are not even realizing fully where exactly to maintain. Jumprope can be their quick and easy destination to finding various how-to's on home maintenance.
  • Mothers of new born babies or toddlers - Mothers of new born babies have so many things to learn to nurse their babies, like how to clean the bottles, what to use to laundry their clothes or even how to handle their tantrum. For mothers of toddlers, they will need to regularly learn to make new baby foods.
  • Young professionals - As young professionals, they are more open to share their knowledges in an exchange of feedbacks from the peers.

User's Context

Where, when and in what emotional state the app will be used

  • Home - Often requires tools, materials or groceries to follow steps.
  • Possibly frustrated, in a hurry.
  • Users would mostly be interacting with physical things (thus their hands would be full) when they are watching the content, so their focus will keep switching b/w the things in their hands and the app.

So it would be required to have easy navigation to be able to use in one hand, offer the way to save content to quickly access the content (or even the offline access) in case of time or network constraints. Being able to easily pause and resume content will be also key for seamless experience b/w the app and the tasks at hand.



Screens & Flow