Website Redesign, UX Design


Declare is the organization based on New York who is committed to achieving gender equality by empowering women to forge their own path to success and lead. Team of the organization connects women from all around the city and help them achieve their career goals by giving mentorships and hosting various leadership programs and lectures.

The website would be to inform visitors their mission and attract more people to sign up for the membership or attract more influencers to sign up to be the speakers for the gatherings a like.



At the first meeting, Cornelia, a project manager from Declare, laid out the problems with the existing website. First above all, existing websites showed the old branding, so they need to be updated to implement the beautiful new branding. Secondly, they were hosting multiple websites separately - one for the information and resources, another for the talent/job search, another for the events and speaker application. It caused a few issues:

  1. Managing multiple websites were difficult, more time consuming and costly.
  2. Visitor's experience is fragmented and often ended up leaving along the way.

Since there are multiple websites, it was often the case that visitors wonder if the website that they are viewing is the right website, making them more hesitant to sign up. All those websites were also not mobile-friendly, reducing the time that visitors stay on the website on the mobile device.


  1. Design the wordpress website to accommodate the look and feel of their new brand identity that Red Antler designed so it can speak their message in most powerful and efficient way.
  2. Bring all websites that the organization owned and weave them into one seamless experience to drive more traffic and sign ups.

Overall, I tried to evoke a feeling of energetic, positive and moving by incorporating the seed symbols around the image, curve and straight lines on the background and in a white space, and clean and bold typography. They emphasized that the main function of the home page is to drive visitors to the application page and turn them into their members, so I've placed the CTA button on a main hero area and made 'Apply' button on the top navigation stand out.


In Application page, which were originally the separate website with three different sections for the leader, the speaker and the member, I've brought them into one page with a simple navigation to switch between those three sections with the form dynamically changes to reflect the selection.