Hello, my name is Kristian Kim. I’m a designer from New York City, born in Seoul, Korea. I design, read, write and think with care.

Latest Work

Mustago Part 2

Continuing from the previous posting about UX side of the project, I went on to visualize the screens. First I came up with a mood board that aggregated all visual elements like colors, imageries, typography and button styles. It would direct how I’m going to design the screens. View work


At WeAre8, I was responsible for designing layout and interfaces of the application for the desktop and the mobile. WeAre8 is a social platform where users can post content and create a visual story telling. Our main goal was to build the desktop platform highly functional and that is...

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WeAre8 iOS

At WeAre8, I was responsible for designing the application for iOS which is readily available in Apple App Store now. This application is the social media platform which allows the users to post their photos, videos, text (for casual posting only) or audio (from the desktop only) and create a...

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Among other great classes from Skillshare that I subscribe, Kara Honecker’s Class, ‘iOS Design I: Getting Started with UX’, was one class that I’d recommend to other mobile designers. It covers from what UX really is to creating user journey maps to creating wireframe, all of which UX...

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Startup Icon Set

Inspired by this course from Skillshare, I opened new document on Illustrator and started drawing lines on pixels. The theme I came up with is Startup since it’s where I’m currently involved so I thought I might have good idea as to what icons I would make. Among many,...

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Anzo UI Kit

It seems that, as people interact with the screen more and more everyday, the importance of having usable and beautiful user interface on the screen is increasingly growing more than ever. That would be probably why more companies are looking for designers who are expertise in UI or UX and...

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